Networks make all the difference when using the internet for phone calls, video conferences, or desktop computing, and require special expertise in design, deployment, monitoring, and management. See our whitepaper Ensuring Real-Time Traffic Quality for help in making your internet connection ready.

We’ve drawn on our 15 years of experience in delivering the Cloud to create our cloudACCESS suite of services. Choose one or all of the services, depending on the challenges you face.

Planning and Deployment

Our engineers have many years of experience in designing real-time networks, plus our relationships with a wide range of carriers enable us to offer cable, DSL, T-1, Ethernet-over-Copper, MPLS, and other services at competitive prices. 

We also maintain direct connections to the major carriers. These connections eliminate the delay that occurs at peering points. It's a difference you'll notice right away.

Contact us for help in network design and deployment.

Local Area Network Assessment

Although most of the issues our customers experience are related to the Wide Area Network, the configuration of the Local Area Network, or LAN, can also affect users' experience. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Managed Router Service

Appia’s managed router service is specifically designed for networks that carry voice, video, and other real-time traffic in addition to data.

The service includes:

  • A router sized for your network
  • 24/7 support: If there is an issue with your managed router, we take care of diagnosis and resolution
  • Voice and video quality monitoring that lets us see quality issues on a proactive basis, which reduces the time to issue resolution
  • Access to our Network Monitoring and Traffic Analysis service for the managed router.

There are also options for a cold standby router stored at your premises and for wireless backup connection, provided by AT&T. (To control costs, we will set up the managed router so that only essential traffic is allowed when the wireless connection is active.)


Improve user experience and cut operating costs is by outsourcing network management. Doing so gives you access to best-of-breed systems that monitor and report issues in real-time.

If issues arise:

  • Our WANCare Alert service notifies you by email and SMS so that you can resolve issues in a timely manner.
  • With our WANCare Management service, you will be notified and our engineers and technicians will work the issues to resolution for you.

Network Monitoring and Traffic Analysis

Our Network Monitoring and Traffic Analysis service provides access to our SolarWinds platform to monitor your network and see what applications are using the most bandwidth. This information is essential to anticipating bandwidth needs and meeting them before user productivity is affected. It can also help in setting policies on employee internet use.

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